Monday, 17 October 2011

Dear Samsung and Apple....

Grow up, stop bickering and acting like a pair of spoilt children!.

I refering of course to the pathetic bloody squabbling that is currently taking place between these 2 giants of the technology world in relation to alleged copyright infringements.

Apple have managed to get the sale of Samsung products banned in some countries, and Samsung are now counter suing Apple on similar copyright grounds.

So where, Mr Samsung and Mr Apple, does your "valued" customer come amongst all your pathetic altracations?

Grow up the pair of you.

Thank God no smart arse patented the wheel......we would still be in the bloody stone age.....although the legal system would be a very wealthy industry!

Oh and here is an idea.  When you stop being arses can you donate the remaining legal fee cash to something worth cancer ;-)

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