Wednesday, 12 October 2011

WPC Rachel Hewitt tells colleagues her daughter has Leukaemia, then uses cash for riding lessons!


What can I say? This woman is a disgrace to her family, friends and children. How on earth she can still show her face in public is beyond me. Not heard this story yet? Let me enlighten you...............................

A WPC has been arrested over claims she lied about a daughter having cancer, then used cash raised for her to fund her other girl's showjumping career.

Rachel Hewitt, 39, was given a year off work after telling police chiefs her daughter Natasha, 15, was suffering from leukaemia.
Kind-hearted bobbies are said to have raised £20,000 for the family.
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mlw said...

That is truly disgusting! What is wrong with people! That money could have gone to someone who legitimately needed it.

Sarah said...

What an evil woman I truly hope she never has to go through the pain of actually watching someone you love go through this!