Monday, 17 October 2011

Dear Samsung and Apple....

Grow up, stop bickering and acting like a pair of spoilt children!.

I refering of course to the pathetic bloody squabbling that is currently taking place between these 2 giants of the technology world in relation to alleged copyright infringements.

Apple have managed to get the sale of Samsung products banned in some countries, and Samsung are now counter suing Apple on similar copyright grounds.

So where, Mr Samsung and Mr Apple, does your "valued" customer come amongst all your pathetic altracations?

Grow up the pair of you.

Thank God no smart arse patented the wheel......we would still be in the bloody stone age.....although the legal system would be a very wealthy industry!

Oh and here is an idea.  When you stop being arses can you donate the remaining legal fee cash to something worth cancer ;-)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

WPC Rachel Hewitt tells colleagues her daughter has Leukaemia, then uses cash for riding lessons!


What can I say? This woman is a disgrace to her family, friends and children. How on earth she can still show her face in public is beyond me. Not heard this story yet? Let me enlighten you...............................

A WPC has been arrested over claims she lied about a daughter having cancer, then used cash raised for her to fund her other girl's showjumping career.

Rachel Hewitt, 39, was given a year off work after telling police chiefs her daughter Natasha, 15, was suffering from leukaemia.
Kind-hearted bobbies are said to have raised £20,000 for the family.
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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

DARE by the Human League. My memories of the album.


I remember walking down Eather Avenue in Mansfield Woodhouse in December of 1981 with my new "DARE" LP clutched under my arm.
I was making my way to my friend John Gardners  house and the plan was to get everything ready for the Christmas party that he was throwing that night.
I was 15 1/2 years old and a student at Manor Comprehensive school in Mansfield Woodhouse. I lived on Slant lane and this record, this LP this revelation was to become my musical companion on and off for the next 30 years!.

DARE. Apparently the title was taken from a cover of a Vogue magazine. The pictures of each member of the group annexed in small boxes on the outside and inside the crisp white cover also echo that style of the fashion magazine genre.

DARE. It seems strange to say it, but I never acknowledged the fact that the Leagues biggest single "Don't you want me" was one of the tracks on the LP....strange, because it was in fact their best selling single ever, yet it was viewed by Phil Oakey as being a "Weak" track and thus it sat at number 10 on the track list. Of course this single, which I forgot was on this album!, went on to top the UK charts and amazingly it allowed the group to claim the accolade of having both a number one Album and a number one single in the charts simultaneously!.

Yes, i love this album with it's wonderful stirring synth sounds and its haunting and though provoking lyrics. I have seen the League twice now, once at Rock City in Nottingham and again at the Newark Water festival......and they are still the best group EVER :-)

"I believe i believe what the old man said though i know that there's no lord above, i believe in me and i believe in you and you know i believe in love, i believe in truth though i lie a lot and i feel the pain from the push and shove no matter what you put me through i'll still believe in love"

Note* Old man = Lou Reed!

. Wow...what a ramble that was ! :-)


Guest Blogger David Haas tells us a little about the importance of fitness in fighting cancer.

A few days ago I was contact by David Haas who asked if it would be ok to submit an article for inclusion into the S2M blog. Of course I was more than happy to allow him to do so, and so, without further delay, here is David's Article......

The Benefits of Fitness with Cancer Patients

It is difficult for an individual to go through cancer. However, when a person includes a fitness program as part of the treatment regime, it can be beneficial. This improvement helps individuals whether they have just been diagnosed with cancer, going through treatments or in remission. According to the National Cancer Institute, physical activity and fitness provide numerous benefits for cancer patients.  Cancer patients from different walks of life and differing diagnosis’ can all benefit from implementing a routine that suits them and the treatments they are going through. Although exercise is very beneficial for patients, a person undergoing breast cancer treatment should have a different routine than someone going through a rare cancer like mesothelioma. There are many benefits of exercise for patients that can extend even past treatments.

Improved Quality of Life

Cancer patients reported an improved quality of life with a fitness program. This included mental, physical and psychological well-being. As the individual felt better, this boosted the self-confidence as well.

Longer Lifespan

Studies have shown that individuals who exercise on a regular basis have a longer lifespan than people who did not have a fitness program. Along with a longer lifespan, studies have also shown a reduction in the risk of the cancer returning.

Improved Stamina

Cancer patients who engaged in physical activity reported improved stamina levels. There was also a reduction in fatigue levels as a result of a fitness program. The energy levels of the patient improved as they had the energy to attend to other demands, which are required in a cancer patient’s life.

Weight Control

Physical activity also plays a key role in weight control. Individuals who work out on a regular basis either lost weight or maintained a healthy weight for their height and age. However, people who did not exercise regularly reported weight gain due to increased fatigue levels and reduced stamina.

Reduced Risk of Certain Diseases

Studies have shown a reduced risk of obtaining certain diseases with people who exercised on a regular basis. There was a reduced risk of patients getting hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. The improved health as a result of a fitness program also reduced the chances of getting diabetes and heart disease.

Exercise is beneficial for individuals of all ages. This is especially true for people with cancer. In addition to other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, a fitness program can be a beneficial aspect of a mesothelioma treatment regime. It is important to consult with a doctor before starting an exercise program. The doctor will be able to point you to an exercise program that is right for you.

By: David Haas

Many thanks to David for that, and lets hope that he continues to submit many more interesting and informative articles onto the blog in the future :-)

Monday, 3 October 2011

Breakthrough in Mixed Lineage Leukaemia (MLL) Drug Search


British scientists conducting early-stage research have found that a potential new drug from GlaxoSmithKline could treat mixed-lineage leukaemia(MLL) - the most common form of leukaemia in babies.

In a study published in the journal Nature, scientists from the British drug maker collaborating with the charity Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and Cellzome AG found that the experimental drug, called I-BET151, mimics a chemical tag which is key to preventing the process of activating the leukaemia genes.

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