Wednesday, 18 July 2012

G4S Nick Buckles under pressure of Olympic Cockup


You have to laugh don"t you. A company that in previous years was known as Group 4 Securicor, but changed it's name in an effort to hide a large amount of bad publicity due to it's amusing habit of " loosing" prisoners it was transporting, has now managed the ultimate in cockups.....screwing up the security arrangements for the 2012 Olympic Games!
Still, Mr Buckles will be able to smile no doubt as it appears his £830'000 salary is still safe!
I wonder if they will change their name again after this world class balls up?...but what on earth can you shorten G4S to? How about COAPIAB!...."Cant organize a pissup in a brewery" services?
Wonder what all the squaddies think of Mr Buckles efforts......being as many of them will be working as underpaid security guards for him when they loose their jobs soon in the next round of defense cuts!


Go figure!

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