Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Today i lost my wonderful mother.......:-(

I have had the privilage of knowing an amzing,kind, gentle and warm lady for thr last 46 years of my life.....my mum :-)

As I type this I know now that she passed away in a care home in Mansfield. We all watched helplessly as she slowly slipped away from us over the last few days...and now her battle is over it hurts a lot as only the loss of a parent can

Mum (Jill) was diagnosed with Dementia about 7 years ago at the relatively young age of 61. The last 7 years we have had to watch her disappear right in front of our eyes.

Sometimes the symptoms remained relatively unchanged for a long period of time.....other times it seemed that a new "challenge" would present itself almost on a weekly basis....but always, always.....my father was there to love,care and support her...even though it was sometimes a very hard and upsetting labour of pure unconditional love.....I cannot put into words how proud i am of the way my dad took care of mum....it has been a very humbling and insiring thing to witness for my sister and I......we have been so blessed to have had such amazing parents who both,in their own way showed such courage..but also showed us the true meaning of that word "love".

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