Saturday, 21 July 2012

Jill Elaine Ward (Nee Nash), Mansfield Woodhouse,Notts

If you have found this page then it could be that you have googled my mothers name.

Sadly I lost my wonderful mum just over a week ago after she lost her valiant fight with the Ataxia which eroded her life away little by little over the last 7 years of her life.

I intend to write something here as a fitting tribute to the most amazing,caring and genuine person I have ever (and may ever!) have the privilage of meeting. Until then I have simply posted a few pictures and this poem that i wrote which tries (but entirely fails) to sum her up :-)

The mum I still knew

It was sometimes hard to see you mum, the mum I used to know
You’d lie there quietly on your bed did you notice as I’d come and go?

I often feared it was not you, that all you were had gone
But when I thought a little more I knew that I was wrong

Those eyes that gazed into my own the day my life began
That loving gaze was always there from little child to man

Those arms I see once carried me and tucked me in at night
Those lips once kissed me as I slept and made my pain alright

Those hands once held mine o’ so tight and kept me safe and sound
Those legs that worked so very hard when you carried me around

Those ears that heard my very first word and listened to my fears
The heart that kept me locked within in our passing years

And oh that smile that lovely smile you always loved to share
and being such a giving soul you always had one free to spare.

And so I see it is you mum and you’d not gone away
And even now as we have to part you’ll still be with me every day

Rest in peace mum, your memory will live on eternally in our hearts.

Jill Ward (nee Nash). 14th March 1944 - 12th July 2012


Andrew said...

Sorry about losing your mother, love the Scirocco, I have a 1981 Scirocco. Good luck raising money for cancer research.

Andy Ward
Goodlettsville, TN

Andy Ward said...

Hi Andy :-). Thanks for that my friend. Still seems like only yesterday. Sadly in April 2014 i also lost my Scirocco after it was pretty badly damaged by a 40 ton truck :-/. I do however have another and will be using it to carry on charitable work....perhaps for Ataxia UK in memory of mum.....that would be a great thing to do :-). Best wishes. Andy