Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Fuel prices in Sleaford being debated on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

Just listening to the comments being made about the over inflated price of fuel in Sleaford compared to the surrounding towns and villages.

I remember midway through the year filling up with Diesel at a JET petrol station in Grantham at a cost of £129.9 per litre whilst the cost in Sleaford was approx £136.9...a differential of 7 pence!.

Fuel costs in Sleaford have always been higher than the surrounding area since i have lived there.

Anyway, i now run my trusty 17 year old VW Golf on a mixture of diesel and veg oil....brings the average cost of fuel down to around £1.10 :-)

**Heads Up!
3 Ltrs of ASDA Veg oil is currently at £2.70...thats 90p a litre......will be popping along to my local branch soon to check out a few litres ;-)

at 0.90p for oil and £1.38 for diesel in a 50/50 mix it would make the average cost per litre only £1.14!....Nice :-)

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Anonymous said...

I believe there is a price cartel operating amongst fuel outlets in Sleaford.
North, south, east and west of the town fuel's cheaper, so it can't be due to distribution costs.