Thursday, 29 November 2012

When is parking on yellow zigzags outside school ok?


The answer of course is that it isn't!.

However it appears that some school coach companies in Sleaford and area consider that the laws laid down to your "ordinary" motorists don't apply to them!

I had a very short but intense chat with some bloke who was making notes on a clipboard outside my sons school today. At first i thought he was taking the 2 vehicle registartions down in order to tackle the problem, but soon found out he actually worked for the bus company and was simply carrying out some sort of check.

After establishing this fact I enquired as to why the double decker and the transit mini bus drivers thought that parking in close proximity to the schools gates, on a corner and more importantly on yellow zigzags, was acceptable practice?

The answer "we have permission" without any further qualification of that statement did not convince me of his concern, and when i asked who would carry the can in the event of an injury/death of a child, strangely there was no answer forthcoming....Mmmmm!

I have just Googled the question relating to parking of school vehicles on the zigzags and this is what the local (North Kesteven) website says:

School Keep Clear’ ‘Zig-Zag’ markings (£70 fine)
Stopping on zig-zag markings outside school entrances is inconsiderate and potentially dangerous. Keeping the road clear outside schools gives children a clear view in both directions before crossing. The restrictions are displayed on nearby signs and will be enforced

This is their webpage:

I wonder what the guy will say tomorrow when i advise him of his misconception?


" Parking on the zig-zag area can mean those using the crossing cannot be seen clearly by approaching cars and the cars cannot see them. “We have been up at the school at peak times to remind motorists not to park there but anyone who ignores these markings from now on will be dealt with.” Motorists who are caught parking in the marked crossing area could face a £70 fine and three points on their licence. PCSO Nixon added: “We have been into the schools to talk to pupils and letters have been sent home to remind parents why the road markings are there.”

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