Saturday, 17 November 2012

Typical BBC event. Roll call of mention of " common people's" efforts!


Children in Need raises £26.7m

Ahhh. As per usual the BEEB has patted itself on the back about the one good thing they haven"t ballsed up this year.

Children in need is a great event and is a great way to raise money to help kids.....but why do all the reports of efforts to fund raise always focus mainly on the celebrities?

Why does some multi millionaire singer get more praise and thanks than Mr Smith down the road who has spent all week in a bath of beans, or Mrs Brown who at 85 has made hundreds of knitted toys to sell and raise funds. The " common" folk who contribute without consideration about promting their latest film or new song, don't ever get enough recognition for their efforts.....if you don't believe me just read the report ( link above) by the BBC about the event and "spot the non celeb" fundraiser!......Mmmmmm!

In a year when the BBC has managed to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds of licence payers hard earned cash compensating a Director General who did under 60 days work in the post before throwing in the towel when things got difficult ( i thought the reason people got paid vast salaries is because they are of a " high calibre"?....apparently not!) to the tune of £450'000.Then. After NOT airing a Newsnight programme about Jimmy Saviles dirty life, they try to be too quick with the next programme and, without getting their facts right, they wrongly accuse a Peer of being a paedo!......which then costs the poor old licence fee payer another £185'000 quid!

By the way....i wonder how much the ex DG of the beed donated? Nothing in the report about that is there :-/.

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