Saturday, 22 December 2007

Goodbye GT2 :-(

Today I said a very sad goodbye to my Lovely GT2 Scirocco,but it had to go as running 2 Scirocco's was proving far to expensive a luxury these days what with Christmas and all the associated costs pertaining to the demands of 3 enthusiastic children :-).The car has now moved a little further up north, and i can only hope that the young fella that bought her gets as much pleasure out of owning her as i did.
To be honest though, i suppose that still keeping our charity car "Scarlet" softens the blow somewhat :-) and now i can concentrate all my efforts in ensuring her best condition when we set off on our "jolly jape" in September.
After i waved the GT2 off it suddenly occured to me that i had neglected to take into account the fact that the last time Scarlet went on an outing (her MOT test) i had to loan the battery from the GT2 as the Scala's was flat as the proverbial pancake, and now the GT2 's battery was winging it's way north (along with it's battery!) so i now had a red Scirocco sat on the drive without any power...damn!.Thankfully a quick call to John at Pitstop garage in Sleaford soon sorted out my little oversight, and he duly supplied me with the required battery free of charge...or should that be cost, as a battery without charge is.....well you know :)..Anyway,many thanks to John for helping me out with that little problem.
Oh yes, i had to change the insurance back from the GT2 to the Scala (again) and as i expected Norwich Onion (you know who i mean!)duly charged me yet more money because apparently the Scala is group 14 and the GT2 was group 12, although i did try to stress that the version of the Scala was the carbed variety, not the FI version...that still cut no ice with them "they are all the same group" i was even though the injection version of the car benefits from an extra 22+ BHP i would still have to pay the unfair :-(.The insurance is due for renewal on the 14th January, so i will have to make some enquiries to see if i can get the cost down as at the mo the insurance premium is more than i would get for the car !.

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