Monday, 17 December 2007

Scirocco 2 Morocco 2008 ...why ?

Why do you do it?

This is a question that I have been asked numerous times, and the answer I suppose is quite simple…because I can!

Even though I have been diagnosed with Chronic Leukaemia so far it is not giving me too many (if any) problems except for the regular blood tests that I have to have in my “watch and wait” regime. And I suppose this is what drives me (excuse the terrible pun!) to do what I can in the way of raising money for cancer charities.
I always told people that in my case I am fortunate to have a relatively slow developing form of the cancer, so I have been given a chance, I suppose you could call it a gift of being able to help not only my self, but also to help other sufferers, some with types a lot more aggressive that mine, and for whom time is not on their side.

Until my diagnosis in 2006 my idea of donating or raising money for charity was probably much the same as anyone else’s….a few quid in a box, a couple of raffle tickets now and then, and perhaps sponsoring someone to do…well something all in the name of a good cause, of course now I have what you would term “a vested interest” in raising money for Leukaemia charities….funny how things seem more interesting and important when they effect you!

You know it really breaks my heart when I see events such as Children in need and comic relief becoming no more than an excuse for “Stars” to peddle and plug their new records and DVD’s. Next time you watch one of these televised extravaganzas just note how long the camera and the presenter spend talking to “ordinary” people who have raised sometimes a few hundred, but often several thousand pounds for a good cause, only to be cut off mid sentence so the “action” can switch back to yet another celebrity who’s main concern seems to be milking as much publicity out of supporting (aren’t they honoured!) a charity. My question is…would they be so enthusiastic to do the gig if it was not televised and they couldn’t mime. Sorry, sing their latest pop offering?The sad reality of the matter is that if all the celebs put a hand deeply into their metaphorical pocket and donated say 5% of their annual earnings, the charity would probably hit their target figure without the need for a show, then they could then dedicate a programme to the mere mortals who carry out charity work time upon time again, without publicity, without drama and without any gain for themselves.

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