Monday, 17 December 2007

Scirocco 2 Morocco 2008 idea's for filming trip

Some Idea’s for making a video blog of our journey:

A) Make a list of interesting locations along our route.
B) Take at least 3 camera’s (still and video) with suitable mounts
C) Contact aero club to discuss possibility of aerial shots from glider/micro light
D) Plan ahead to get pictures of the car travelling down road
E) Get 3rd party to film car other Scirocco owners?

We should draw up a storyboard of our journey and ensure that we don’t rush!If we take our time to get the right footage we can make sure that we will have plenty of good footage when we come to edit and produce the video.

Does Glen have some camera mounts to enable fitting camera to car?
What cameras do we have between us?
Will we need a good inverter to supply power for the laptop/chargers?

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