Monday, 17 December 2007

Scirocco 2 Morocco 2008

Wednesday 12th December 2008

Not a lot to report really. I had an email from a journalist at the Sleaford Standard newspaper on Monday asking if he could do a story covering our planned trip. I explained that at the mo we don’t really have anything sorted except for some small details such as the justgiving pages (we now have 2).The car is still resplendent in the logo for the Roc Around the Clock adventure, so no point in getting any snaps of her yet and the trailer is still very much in it’s concept stage, nothing more than a “virtual” image exists….I mean we haven’t brought the car back from Derby yet, never mind actually started chopping and cropping! (Or is that “cut and shut”?).
On Tuesday I gave Gary a hand setting up his S2M page, and we decided to call it “Scirocco2Morocco-Air” to set it apart from the page I have started that is tailored to raise money for Leukaemia Research. Glen will hopefully get his page sorted some time this week and he will have the suffix “-Mac” to identify it as being there to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Support group.

I heard a lady on BBC Radio Nottingham talking to John Holmes this evening. It appears that she is raising money for a cancer charity group in Nottingham, and she hopes to raise 3 million quid eventually through a wide range of events. Coffee mornings, sponsored walks, fashion shows etc, I remember thinking to myself “maybe we are under valuing our event. Maybe we should set our targets a lot higher than the £1500 we have posted on our respective pages….not sure what we should do, will have a think !.

Must sort out getting the donor car sometime in the near future before Paul changes his mind J.

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