Saturday, 19 January 2008

Real Simulation supply "Sky high" prize

Many thanks are also due to Kevin and Adrian at Real Simulation for supplying us with an absolutely superb prize to be won in our planned prizedraw.

Just to elaborate, real Simulation are based at a place called Arkendale in Yorkshire, and are a company that specialises in offering flight simulations for anyone who wants to experience the feeling of flying without ever leaving the ground !.

They have 2 simulators in use, an airliner simulator of the Boeing 737 , and for those of you who have always fancied a go at being "Maverick" (Top Gun !) there is an awesome F-4 Phantom simulator also.

I have had the experience of the Phantom, and believe me it is just like being in the real thing,all the controls are there, the unit moves around in relation to your flying input, and you really do have to keep reminding yourself that at no point are you ever more than 15ft from the floor..:-).

We will be sorting out the details of the draw later, but don't miss the chance to win this prize (worth £279 !)of an hours flight in the "virtual" aeroplanes of your dreams....

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