Thursday, 31 January 2008

Jeremy Beadle Dies aged 59

I heard last night that Jeremy Beadle had died....and i felt strangely sad because since his first outing into the public eye on the show "Game for a Laugh" in 1981, he has, up until quite recently been one of the "bread and butter" entertainers of my generation.His shows are known to millions, and he was sometimes cruely lampooned although i haven't found out why this is for myself...and most people who used to greet his name with a wry look can't either !.
Then i found out something that made me feel even more sad, the fact that the fella had been diagnosed with Leukaemia and Kidney cancer in 2004/5, but had (unknown to me ) been heavily engaged in raising money for childrens cancer charities for many years,even throughout his own battle with the disease.
You know it's a also sad fact that those who quitely go about doing good,worthwhile work for others and don't seek publicity for their actions, are the ones that we appreciate least...and, worst of all,are able to thank least for their contribution.It's easy to be a pop star and appear on "comic relief" or the likes simply to promote your latest single....that's using charity as a vehicle to ultimately line your own pocket by keeping your face in the public domain.Jeremy was not really creditied with the part he played in helping hundreds and possibly thousands of youngsters to fight cancer, but in the end when the truth is out and all those people who had a good old pop at Jezza discover just what a great fella he was, it will be them that feel ashamed, and Jeremy ?...well i guess he gets "the last laugh" !

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Andy said...

I've got CLL.

Lived in Morocco for three years in the 90's and had another 6 months this century.

Good luck. I shall be following your progress.