Saturday, 19 January 2008

AW Accident Repair Group to help S2M

Got some excellent news this morning when i recieved a phone call from Andrew Walsh, the owner of the AW Accident Repair Group.He has very kindly offered to not only paint our "work in progress" half a Scirocco trailer for us, but also to give "Scarlet" a bit of a makeover also ! and as we all know a car that looks good also drives much better :-).

This news is of great significance to our project, and I would like to just take this oppertunity to thank Andrew for his tremendous support with our challenge although it is not the first time Andrew's company has helped one of my projects out, he also helped a few years ago when the Cranwell Aviation Centre Jet Provost aeroplane needed some TLC and he very kindly sorted out a part respray for the JP which left her looking a thousand times better !.

Just got to get the trailer built now......anyone handy with an angle grinder and a mig welder ?:-)

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