Friday, 18 January 2008

S2M is VR on 2L !....Second Life !

S2M is Now VR on 2L !...What ?.Well ok,Scirocco 2 Morocco is now "virtually" advertised on a site called Second's a "virtual" world on the web.Anyway, i had a go at producing an object on the site and it turned out to be...erm...welll a large box really...with the S2M logo on it !.

Took a few snaps of the Challenge logo advert box and of my virtual "Avatar"....a virtual me !...but 20 years younger and a lot slimmer !

If you have a go on Second Life (It's Free !), see if you can find either my Avatar or one of my expertly (!) made logo boxes...then let me know where or take a snap :-)

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