Friday, 16 May 2008

Hope your having fun Glen !

So here I am in sunny (ish) Blighty whilst my friend and Co-driver Glen is off partying in Holland....alright for some eh ! :-).

Seriously though, i hope that he has a great time over there with Rachel as he has just come back from a short stay in one of those posh NHS hotels...sorry...hospitals, and deserves the break.

Glen and Rachel are attending a show near a town in Holland called Boekel, which is held annually (this is the 20th year!) and the event is called "RoadStar".

Every year upwards of 400 Scirocco and Corrado owners have a bit of a get together for a nice quite chat,some poetry reading and lashings of ginger beer........Ok, so it's loud music,lots of fun and gallons of the local (rather excellent) brew (beer), but you get the idea :-).

In an attempt to cover up this blatant excuse for a knee's up Glen is going to be attempting (between drinks ?) to sell some fundraising "53" and "Scirocco 2 Morocco" stickers, and gain some sponsorship from our European friends (Glen...wait until later after the beer kicks in and people are feeling more generous !) and fellow Scirocco owners.

Anyone reading this blog who would like one of the said stickers, they are still available on Ebay
priced at between £1.49 and £2.49 (free postage !).Also we are now advertising our Scirocco2Morocco T-Shirts.The first 3 have landed with their new owners and their feedback has been very positive.

Anyway, if you would like to see what these blatant party animals ...sorry, "Over sea's sponsorship coordinators" are up to, have a look at this video that Glen made of last years bash....dirty stop outs :-)..mumble,mumble !

Oh...and here are some pictures of this years bash.....looked like fun for all :-)

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