Friday, 23 May 2008

What a month!!

Well where do I start?

April wasn't a very good month for either me or Andy as it turned out. On the 14th I was admitted into Maidstone Hospital having had a particularly nasty flare-up of my Crohns disease and was promptly laid up for 3 weeks. 3 days into my stay whilst feeling
'quite rough' I was visited by my wife who was carrying pictures of the newly 'folded' Scarlett in her hand. I was devastated to hear the news but thankful that both Andy and his children were ok. I was even more surprised and thankful to hear that Andy was looking into having the car repaired by AW repairs. At first glance I thought the car would be a write-off!!

A few weeks later and I was discharged from Hospital and able to speak to Andy for an update. I was ready to offer an inventory of what parts I had to offer for the repairs, but once again Andy was on the ball. He had already sourced the parts require
d and arranged for the car to be repaired again. Good work that man!! I must admit I felt quite useless at this point as I had done nothing and was finding it difficult to even get around my own house! I suppose its at times like these you realise how fragile health can be and how lucky I am compared to some who suffer with truly horrific pain and discomfort in their lives on a daily basis due to whatever illness they are unfortunate enough to have been afflicted by. And this makes me all the more determined to do my best in raising money for these charities.

I have already stepped up my efforts by visiting Holland for the excellent Roadstar event and advertising S2M on a display I made for the rear window of my Rocco. Although I still felt a bit rough for the duration of the trip, it was a really enjoyable few days with an excellent atmosphere and very friendly people. My display attracted a lot of attention, and I have had one or two promising offers from some new friends, including help spreading the
word further around Europe perhaps even to VW themselves! I have also added two videos of Roadstar on youtube and added an ad at the end of each to plug S2M. The links to these are below if you want to watch these.

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Andy said...

Nice to have you back mate :-)