Friday, 2 May 2008

Scarlets new look !

The other week it was time to pick up Scarlet from AW's after they had completed her refurbishment, and along with the car they also presented me with the newly resprayed "Half Roc" trailer...awesome !.

Andy Walsh must have thought that my face was about to split in half with the size of the grin that filled it when i went over to collect the car.Thanks go also to Mick the manager (sounds like Bob the builder !) and his team for doing an absolutely first class job on the paintwork.Looks like i owe some more people even more drinks now !

To say that they had done an excellent job would not be enough, they had transformed the car into a real head turner, and the trailer, which had only a few weeks previously been part of a derelict car on a drive in Derby, was now certainly a joy to behold, and is sure to make people "sit up and pay attention" when we drive by !.

Thanks go also to Lee of Custom Vinyl Graphics for his hard work in getting the Logo's onto the car in superfast time and also for sorting out some charity stickers and T-Shirts for us to sell to raise even more funds for our challenge

Now we have to carry out some finishing touches to Scarlets mechanicals,decals and the trailers electrics (need wiring up !). No rest for the wicked eh !

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