Saturday, 31 January 2009

Anyone know any good bands available Easter Sunday ?

Hi folks.Just a quick enquiry, but does anyone have any connections with any bands who may consider taking part in a concert that is being planned for April 12th (Easter Sunday) at Rock City in Nottingham, to raise money and awareness for Leukaemia Research?
I was made aware of this event by Ann Picker-Spence, Joel's mum, and she is currently looking for any bands that would be interested in taking part. Of course this would be on a voluntary basis, as all the cash would be going to a very worthy cause.
In the UK today, their are sadly still many kids who don't make it through to the end of their fight with Leukaemia, and this event will also be in remembrance and in dedication too their courage and bravery that they all showed when faced with such a tough life at such a young age.
We are currently contacting bands to see what sort of response we get, obviously not all bands will be available to play on the date, but maybe we will get lucky and succeed in getting a few to give up their time and support this amazing gig.
Please get in touch via the email on this blog if you think you can help, and i will pass the info onto the good people who are arranging it.
If any of the people whom i have contacted over the last few days are reading this blog,please could you try and help out with this project. Thanks :-)

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Kaz said...


I know someone at work who has dealings with a band. Will enquire but can't promise anything.

Will let you know.