Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Frog Died...and it was (sort of!) my fault!

During the weekend we bought another rabbit hutch to try and accommodate our ever increasing brood (is that the right term?) of floppy bunnies. Also at the weekend whilst installing the said hutch into the rear garden, we spotted our resident frog hiding amongst the long grass behind the 2 current hutches. Andy Jr loves anything like this, spiders,snails....frogs etc, and he was made up at having seen our "own" frog was still living in our back garden."How cool is that dad"? he said.

Later in the day I decided to give the Rocco a quick wash, along with our family MPV (which has now been sold and is awaiting pickup this weekend!), and after about an hour the deed was done and so i decided to have a nice cuppa and left the bucket with the sponge against the garage door intending to empty it later.

Roll on now to Monday evening.We have been out to Wicksteed park (see previous post!), and as the car has now been sold I decided that it needed a quick wheel wash to keep it looking spick and span for it's new owners. I picked up the bucket and sponge which was still waiting to be emptied from the previous car washing endeavor, and proceeded to give the wheels a once over to shift the dirt.

I first noticed a rather nasty smell, something like bad fish, after doing the first wheel, but decided it was just the old water in the bucket, so I continued.It wasn't until i felt something touch my hand that i felt suddenly concerned that there was more to the whiff of rotten fish than I first assumed.
I emptied the bucket out in the drain...and with the last bit of water...out popped..or rather,flopped, a very sorry looking (and very expired!) frog.
I guess that he(or she!) must have somehow managed to get into the bucket, either intentionally or accidentally, only to realise (too late!) that the water was full of car cleaning shampoo...and this,dear reader was how our friendly family frog ended up very clean, but sadly, also very deceased...and I honestly do feel very guilty about the whole affair.....almost as bad as when i left a bucket full of old engine oil out over the weekend after carrying out a lube on the Scirocco,only to discover the following week when i took it down to the recycling centre,that a bird had fallen in and (sorry!) drowned in my multigrade.But that is another rather sad story......

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