Saturday, 10 April 2010

90% of Vinyl now fitted...looking good!


On Friday, Biff spent around 6 hours fitting the rest (almost!) of the vinyl to the car.Got to admit that it is now looking like it means business :-)


Benn perry said...

looking really good, better than i thought it would do

can't wait to see the actual car.

well there is one thing for sure its going to make people aware of leukaemia and what its about and all your efforts.

Andy said...

Hi Benn.Thanks mate :-).Hey, if you are free on Monday why don't you get over to Croome Park in Worcester and attend the first "official" showing of the car.Sir Ian Botham may even have a sit in her...good publicity shot and would look great in a CV :-).Cheers.Andy

Benn perry said...

i would come over on monday its just that i have my college work to be marked but i would have come if it wasn't for that reason i would be there in a shot but hopefully see the car soon so good luck and thanks for the opportunity of a life time.