Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Pictures from Croome Park,Worcestershire,12/04/2010

OK.Croome Park,Worcestershire.Wonderful venue for the Forget-Me-Not walk that we attended on Monday. Croome was one of the locations that hosted a "Beefy Botham" walk and although it took us nearly 3 hours to get there it was so worth it!.

Myself and Mini me (Andy Jr) left Sleaford at about 08:35 and after a rather tedious drive which involved a few traffic jams and a road accident (not involving us!) we arrived at Croome at 11.25 to find that it was already a scene of busy preparation and everyone was excitedly anticipating the arrival of Sir Ian which was scheduled for a few hours later at approx 13:30.

We positioned the car alongside the start line and I then got out some polish and a few cloths to remove the accumulated dirt and dead bugs that we had picked up on our trip down. Andy Jr was in his element as he loves wide open spaces, and I lost count of the amount of times he ran up and down the grassy slope that we were parked upon :-).

We had some sandwiches and a drink, then before too long it was time to get in position to see Ian and his entourage arrive at the corner of the field having walked from Worcester centre already!. To say that Ian has something of a fast pace of walking would be something of an understatement , the fella almost flies along, and to be honest my attempts at capturing his arrival on the video camera almost had me falling over myself! :-).

In a few moments the group gathered at Croome had dropped in behind Ian and within a minute or so the whole crowd was disappearing into the distance. Time for a lovely pot of ice cream then!. I had Honey and cinnamon and Andy had Mint Choc Chip....which he then swapped for mine as he decided mine was nicer!.

55 minutes later the first walkers appeared on the horizon, and crossed the finish line to rapturous and enthusiastic applaus from the onlookers. Beefy was not far behind those first across the line, and acknowledged the waiting crown with a few waves :-).

After the last walkers had returned Ian circulated amongst them and signed autographs. Myself and Andy were introduced and he very kindly then signed out T-Shirts ....and the roof of the car!.

I must say that having met Sir Ian Botham for the first time on Monday I would describe him as a good,honest guy who genuinely believes in what he does for the LLR charity, and would like to thank him for making our little trip to Worcester such a memorable and enjoyable outing.


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