Wednesday, 5 January 2011

NHS freeze on annual pay increments looks closer to being implemented.


I have been watching this story closely for obvious reasons due to it potentially having an adverse on my current wealth....or lack of it!

It appears that the NHS, not content with freezing workers annual pay rises for the next 2 years, have decided to look into the possibility of stopping payments of annual increments to all staff within the paybands 1 to 6.

These annual bonuses are not given to staff as rewards,perks,productivity bonuses or golden handshakes, they are actually Incorporated into the Agenda for Change terms and conditions which most NHS staff moved onto a few years ago. The increments are given to reflect the extra experience, responsibilities and workloads that staff are expected to take on as their careers progress and with the freezing of the annual pay rise from 2010 for 2 years they appeared to be the only chance that staff would have to keep pace with the worryingly high rises in the costs of living that we are currently experiencing.

I won't take up blog space by going into the fine details of what is being proposed, but instead will supply a link and let you decide for yourselves if this is a very good way of motivating an already understaffed and overstretched workforce!.

Do you work in the NHS and fear that you may be affected by these plans? Take the survey by clicking HERE

Full story overview is HERE.


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