Thursday, 20 January 2011

RBS (83% owned by the Tax payer) to give £1 Billion in "Bonuses".


So, according to todays newspapers,it appears that whilst the rest of us are tightening our belts, battening down the hatches and trying to make ends meet, those arrogant fat cats at RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) are getting ready to "reward" themselves for a job well done by awarding themselves a sum, thought to be around £1 billion, in the not to distant future.

I cannot believe the cheek of the useless gits.....exactly what have they done to deserve such a huge cut of TAX PAYERS MONEY?. If it was not for the likes of the normal person on the street paying into the government kitty and thus funding the rescue deal to save their sorry arses, they wouldn't even have a job!.

If this is deemed as acceptable behaviour within a " 83% publicly owned" establishment, then I would like to ask the government what other public services are going to be getting a wad of cash thrown at them for "a job well done"? Not the NHS sadly!. The only job that RBS has done well is to show what a crap and weak Government the UK has these days.

RBS? Maybe it stands for Ruthless B*stard Swindlers......Shame on you.

By the way RBS, What interest rate did you get from the government on your £37 billion+ I would hazard a guess that It would be a damn site less than the rates that you fleece your customers with!. Also, don't you even feel ashamed that before you have "got your house in order" and paid back your debts, you all give yourself bonuses? And then you have the bloody cheek to talk down to people who go into the red by a few quid!.

What an unbelievable bunch of Hypocrites you really are!.


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