Saturday, 29 January 2011

Will the RAF have ANY Aeroplanes left after these defence cuts?



I only ask as the last 3 or so months have seen the retirement of 3 types of aircraft from the service. These are the Harrier,The HS 125 Dominie and the Nimrod,and I am now starting to wonder what will be left of the Royal Air Force inventory when they decide to retire the now 30 year old Tornado fleet from service?

It makes me sad to see the demise of so many of the RAF's fleet, but I guess that the thinking behind it is that we can't afford to keep so many aeroplanes whilst we are busy spending billions of pounds fighting a futile pair of wars in the middle east.....god help us if the Taliban ever get an airforce!.

No aircraft carriers,no harriers and no maritime recon aircraft.......Royal Air Force? More like Redundant Air Farce.

Glad I served my 12 years when there was a greater variety of aeroplanes to work on :-)


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