Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Back 2 Work !

So, having had almost 2 weeks of R&R (Rest and relaxation...yeah right!)i am now once again keeping busy at the hospital repairing all of the bits of medical equipment that doctors/nurses/porters and patients never seem to be able to use for 5 Min's without breaking !.
This week i have been mostly repairing electric profiling beds (the beds that have electric motors to move the backrest etc without exerting to much energy) and the odd Dinamap (the blue or grey monitor that they check your Sp02 (oxygen levels), BP (Blood Pressure), temperature (erm...temperature!) and BPM (heart rate) with, or as Monty Pythons once said "the machine that goes "ping"...except that these go "beep" instead !

Not having to drive the 42 miles to work in a morning for the last fortnight, i almost forgot just what a joy it is (not), but as luck would have it, my return to work coincided nicely with about 3 new sets of roadworks, so i am getting re acquainted with my daily drive with out too many new surprises!.

Just time for a quick whinge (see, told you i was feeling better!), this time it is the drivers who think that indicators serve no purpose, or perhaps they are trying to save exerting themselves by not having to move that heavy stalk in order to let us other (non psychic) drivers know when they decide to change direction/overtake.All i can say is that i am glad that brake lights are not an optional activity requiring some thought from the soft pink thing behind the wheel!

Take care.Andy

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