Friday, 27 March 2009

Happy Birthday to my wife and daughter !

Belated best wishes to my wife (was on the 26th!) and early greetings to my daughter (28th!) as they celebrate their 12th and 43rd birthdays (I will let you figure out who's is which!).
Due to her afore mentioned recent birthday, my wife is now the proud owner of a new Wii Fit Board (although she is having trouble getting on it due to it being constantly in use courtesy of the 3 stooges (kids), and was apparently reduced to tears (of laughter!) the first time she tried the hula hoop work out. I say apparently, as i was at the time languishing in bed with a touch of "Delhi belly" and feeling rather sorry for myself !.
Thankfully i am feeling a lot better today, and should now be OK for my daughters birthday which is tomorrow when she is expecting a new phone as her current one is "ancient", well at least 2 years old, but you know how the march of technology waits for no man......or even no 12 year old.
Happy birthday to you both anyway, and when i am feeling a little better i will show you all how do the Ski Jump properly ! lol.

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