Monday, 30 March 2009

Went to GTI Spring Festival 2009 at Santa Pod on Sunday

What is Santa Pod ? Well, for those of you who have never heard of it, it is NOT a new device that apple are releasing this Christmas (Although there is still time!).Santa Pod is in fact a drag racing strip in the UK just outside of the village of Poddington (Northamptonshire) which each year hosts (Amongst other things), the GTI Spring Festival, or to put it more broadly, it is home for the day to thousands of VW mad people who come together to to look at,talk and drive...well Volkswagen's of any sort...but mostly water cooled (Golf's,Scirocco's etc,etc).
This year I was yet again accompanied to the event by "Mini Me", AKA Andy Junior, who of course wasn't too fussed about what the day had to offer in the way of auto jumbles, drag racing and picture opportunities.....just as long as there was a steady flow of ice cream, candy floss and sweets...and drinks, and get the idea !.
After taking around 1 and a half hours to drive the 65 miles down to the venue, we had a quick look around the stands, then Andy announced that he was "Starving", so we went over to a catering van and after a wait for a couple of Min's whilst they cooked it, we tucked into his chosen and chips! 09:12 in the morning!, oh well, kids know what they want, and once this one has his mind set there is not much chance of changing it!.
After our fishy breakfast, we then had a great time watching some of the members of the public thrashing their motors down the track, and occasionally blowing up their transmissions and engines! (one of the drawbacks of having a go at the "run what you brung" event!).We spoke to a few of the lads from the Scirocco Register, Gave Glen his new(ish) tripod to replace the one he lost in the Pyrenees mountains!, then popped over to the grandstand to watch the highlight of the day, the awesome "Jet car", which is basically a piece of fibreglass, with 4 wheels and to this is strapped a jet engine this = very fast 0-60...sorry 0-250, and LOTS of noise to boot !.I have some vid on my mobile of its run, so i will post this once i get organised...eventually !.
Anyway, got home just after 3PM, cooked dinner (roast beef and Yorkshire puds!), then settled down to watch Andy play on the XBox with his newly acquired game "King Kong" which he got with the £5 grandad gave him for the day out. Nice :-)

Of course, one thing that i do think about around this time of the year, is what happened in 2008, when, just after our 2008 visit to the Pod, we had our slight accident which resulted in the car being almost written off!. Better luck this year we hope!. Take care :-)

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