Thursday, 19 March 2009

WMG or WMD ?

I ask the question because yet again i have had video's pulled from YouTube due to "copyright violation".
Before you say "well you were aware of the chance this may happen, and it did a few months ago..", can I just point out that WMG (Warner Music know, the ones who encouraged you to spend all of your pocket money on records,tapes and Cd's when you were a kid!)who have an annual profit of several gazzilion dollars (probably more!), are not exactly going to go bankrupt just because i have used (oh the shame of it..) a Phil Collins track in one of my CHARITY video's...gasp!.
In fact, i would argue that WMG may actually benefit from my use of the track and MAKE money when someone (who hears it on my vid) then decides later to buy the Album.
I think it is true to say that large corporations really excel in the field of alienating their customers, and playing the spoilsport with the large bank balance and the small heart. Maybe WMG could prove me wrong by donating cash to help some cancer charities find a cure for cancer......then again, sorry, i thought that they really gave a stuff about their mistake !. Warner...Mean Gits !!.

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