Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary wishes to my wife Teresa :-)

Ah thought that i had forgotten didn't you ?.OK, I know that our anniversary is actually tomorrow, but as I won't be able to make a blog entry until at least tomorrow afternoon, i figured that I would do it now to get ahead of the game as it were!.
Thank you for putting up with me for the last 25 years (this includes 4 years on probation before she accepted my request for marriage !),thank you for giving me 3 totally mad, but ultimately great kids, and thank you for not throwing the laptop through the window...yet! (you know what I mean :-) ).
Hope you like the gifts that I have chosen for you, and also hope that you still know just how much you mean to me and the children.I know that things have been rather tough recently with one thing and another, but I hope that you know I will always be around for you if ever you need me (is that a good thing ? :-)).
Anyway, take care "duck", and here's looking forward to that holiday that we have been needing for the last few years starting in a few days time :-)
Love ya lots.Andy


Daria said...


I get numerous comments because I follow hundreds of cancer blogs and try and offer support where I can.


Cindy Flowers said...

Wow, this one is a refreshing anniversary message. i love reading it! I enjoy reading it! Here's my wedding anniversary wishes for both of you. Keep loving each other!