Tuesday, 7 July 2009

What!. I am being overcharged for a sandwich ?

Yesterday I popped over to the "Volley Shop" (Voluntary Services if you like!) and purchased a rather nice combo of 4 (quarters!) of Tuna and Red Chutney sandwiches, served up with a selection of veg (Carrot sticks,Celery and Cucumber...very nice!) and a smashing cheese and chive dip. I paid £1.70 for it and to be honest thought it was well worth the cash :-).

Imagine my horror then today, when upon asking for the "same again please", i was asked to cough up £2.50 !.

Now, anyone who knows me well will tell you that I am not one to complain or make a fuss (yeah...really!), but i decided that a price increase of 80 pence in less than 24 hours was a little unfair, and for this reason I did some checking up.....

It appears, dear readers, that (horror!) The volley shop at Kings Mill are charging £2.50, whilst up yonder at the Millbrook unit, the cost of these heavenly morsels is a mere £1.70!.

The reason that i got mine for £1.70 yesterday? Apparently the company that produces these sarnies delivered a "cheapo" to the wrong location, and this has (as you can probably already tell) let the proverbial "cat out of the bag".My investigations will continue...watch this space :-)

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