Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Esperanto (Lingvo Internacia)...what a brilliant idea !


I had heard of Esperanto (or Lingvo Internacia as it was first known) many years ago, but an article in a newspaper today rekindled my interest in this "International" global language.

The idea is simple. Why learn to speak several different languages when all everyone in the world needs to do is learn to speak a common one!. I have decided to give it a go just to see how I get on...watch out for some "interesting" posts in the future :-)

If you want to learn Esperanto, click HERE to visit the Lernu website.

By the way, did I mention "Mi havi sango Kancero"? :-)



Brian Barker said...

Esperanto I agree is a great idea. However it has now become a living language. If you have a moment please see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LV9XU

Andy said...

Hi Brian.Thanks for your comment.I will have a peek at the YouTube clip later today :-)

Bill Chapman said...

Good luck with learning Esperanto!

Esperanto works! I’ve used it in speech and writing - and sung in it - in about fifteen countries over recent years.
Indeed, the language has some remarkable practical benefits. Personally, I’ve made friends around the world through Esperanto that I would never have been able to communicate with otherwise. And then there’s the Pasporta Servo, which provides free lodging and local information to Esperanto-speaking travellers in over 90 countries. In the past few years I have had guided tours of Berlin and Milan and Douala in Cameroon in the planned language. I have discussed philosophy with a Slovene poet, humour on television with a Bulgarian TV producer. I’ve discussed what life was like in East Berlin before the wall came down, how to cook perfect spaghetti, the advantages and disadvantages of monarchy, and so on.

By the way, you can sometimes find Esperanto books on eBay!