Saturday, 17 July 2010

Karate Kid 2010 Film.Does Mr Miyagi Likes Scirocco's ?


I only ask as, having seen the trailer for the first time this morning, I spotted something on the wall of Mr Miyagi's home when he was trying to catch a fly with chopsticks!. You have to be quick as it's only on screen for just over a second....but if you pause the playback at 1:50,isn't that a Mk2 Scirocco Schematic diagram on his wall?

So it's official.Not only was Mr Miyagi a really cool ass kicking pensioner, but he also had excellent taste in his motor cars!......I wonder if he actually drives one in this new film?


After a little more surfing around on the net it appears that Mr Miyagi (Han) does indeed have a VW Scirocco...but it cannot be viewed as a happy ownership!...

I spotted this passage in a review of the film on the Plugged In Online Site:

"In an intense scene, Mr. Han (Miyagi) takes a sledgehammer to the Volkswagen Scirocco he's been restoring. Every year, it seems, Mr. Han restores the car (in which his wife and 10-year-old son were killed), then mangles it again in a violent explosion of unresolved grief."

Ahh.Not quite the best thing to do to a classic VW, but hey, at least he restores it again......I hope ! :-).

P.S If Will Smith or any of the production team read this blog, can I ask a favour? Any chance of getting some Karate Kid set props to auction for charity? How about perhaps a slightly battered Volkswagen? :-) Well, you gotta ask haven't you :-)



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