Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Man gets £175,000 for mis diagnosed Leukaemia....I wish!

Strange story really, but you have to ask what the hell the Basildon hospital were thinking when they diagnosed this guy with MRSA, then 5 days later decided he had Leukaemia (unspecified type) and only had 1 year to live!.

To be fair to Mr Moore the gentleman involved, there is probably a lot more to this story than the "£175,000" headline, and, having suffered similar worries,concerns and fear after my own diagnosis, i can say that the mental grief that he experienced is not a nice place to be.

Anyway, lets just hope that the jokers at the hospital departments learn from this very expensive lesson, and lets also hope that Mr Moore,should he ever read this, considers making a donation to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research or some other blood cancer charity to help thousands of others who sadly don't get told it was all just a horrible mistake :-)

To read the full story click HERE to visit the Daily Mail Website.


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Bassetlaw FRG said...

I hope he appreciates just how lucky he & his family are!