Saturday, 24 January 2009

Burglars steal leukaemia boy's presents

Well, we know that there are always going to be bad people in this world, but this one hits home and makes you really angry. My youngest child once asked me "Why can't just bad people get cancer ?", and I guess it has to be said that if they did, maybe cruel acts like this would stop !

A FAMILY returned from a dream holiday, celebrating their five-year-old grandson’s recovery from Leukaemia, to discover they were the victims of a devastating burglary.

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Pat said...

Well I don't usually use the term 'bloke' but since you did and since it has such a nice ring to it, let me say it is a delight to meet a great bloke such as you. I've just found your blog. Came on over from CLLC Friends, a good place to be and make good friends. I'll come for a look-see and a visit once in a while. Good luck to you!