Tuesday, 20 January 2009

So would you consent to them doing this with your placenta ?

I was surfing around the net today and came upon this rather worrying article which reports that one NHS hospital and it's patients had been "conned" into "selling" mothers placenta's to a laboratory, who then extracted "valuable" material from them, and sold them on to.....cosmetic firms !.Apparently these firms then use the biological extracts to develop face creams and anti aging creams. You have to wonder what the world is coming to when catering for research into some vain ladies "polyfilla" cream takes preference over research into curing cancer !

Here is the link:


And if that doesn't make you angry, how about this news from Korea !

People need to ask a lot more questions about what happens to their DNA, after their child is born. I know that I would have asked when each of my 3 children was born, but not because I didn't want to donate the placenta....just that I prefer the idea of saving lives, rather than reducing wrinkles !

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