Thursday, 8 January 2009

Hello to all those visitors from overseas :-)

I thought it would be nice to just say a big hello to all of you people viewing this blog from outside the UK :-)

I was not aware of just how varied the locations of some of my regular viewers are.So whilst I have got a minute, let me just say a great big hello and thank you to the folks in (at last count) around 20 various countries on this great planet of ours :-)

Please keep checking this blog.I know that sometimes there are loooooooong gaps between posts, but that is usually due to either work or home commitments, and I will try to make an effort to ensure it is updated on a regular basis.
I am also a member of Myspace and Facebook (Andrew Ward,Nottingham network...look for the profile that shows 2 blokes next to a Scirocco with the Rock of Gibraltar in the background!), so please feel free to add me to your friends list and say hello !

This year I am taking a break from raising money for Leukaemia charities (give someone else a chance!), and instead I am going to concentrate on trying to get involved in recruiting more people to the register of bone marrow donors.The inspiration for this came from 2 places. Firstly the little boy joel Picker-Spence who sadly dies of his illness in November 2008, but also from my lovely wife Teresa, who after being a blood donor for many years, has now signed up to be a bone marrow donor also......luv ya lots for that my darling ! :-)

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