Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Greetings to all of my new friends on the CLLC Friends Forum.

I would just to say a big hello to all of the great people that made me feel so welcome on a site that i found recently called the CLL Christian friends ( Now i have to say that my attendance at any church is currently limited to weddings,funerals,deaths,christenings and (if i can make it...i did last year!) midnight mass at Christmas, so i guess you could call me a "light user" when it comes to religion, however I would just like to point out, that just because this group is the CLL Christian Friends, they are a very friendly and active group who are not going to judge your "credentials" before allowing you to join :-). Please, if you or anyone you know has been touched by leukaemia (although they also cater for other cancer discussion), take the time to pop onto the site and say hello !.

Now.Just a quick update on my plans to bring a bone marrow recruitment session to the East midlands area in the near future.
I was again engaged in talks with a manager within the Sherwood forest Hospital Trust, and again the conversation we had was very positive and upbeat.Still no firm dates sorted as yet, but I think that i would be safe in saying that the session will be scheduled for sooner rather later, and the first of the possible 2 sessions will be at Newark Hospital, Nottighamshire.
I am sure that many of you who read this blog will remember that this is the town (or rather the town next to the town!) that little Joel Picker-Spence lived before his sad death in November of 2008, and, i am sure that you would agree, there could be no better reason than that, for us to succeed in holding a session at the hospital in Joel's memory. watch this space !.

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Deb Light said...

Thanks for giving us a mention on your blog,Andy.No,we don't judge if someone is not Christian as long as they don't put us down for being Christian.All CLLers or anyone with Leukemia or cancer is welcome.Don't have cancer and want to join as a prayer partner??That is cool too!
Take care and Andy keep up the good work!
God Bless,