Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Copyright, and petty minded greedy corporations !

Happy new year to all of you who regularly read this blog. Hope that 2009 brings you peace,happiness and all good things :-)
Sadly, as you can gather from the title of this blog post, not all people are as generous as I would like to think, and this was illustrated recently this week when I received an email from the folks at YouTube telling me that they had withdrawn one of my Scirocco 2 Morocco promotional video's from their site after some corporation/company had complained that i had used their copyright owned song (The Cult.She sells sanctuary) as a backing track !.
Ok, perhaps I am taking this rather seriously, and maybe they are entitled to flex their corporate muscle to stamp out piracy and regular illicit use of valuable media, but we are talking about one bloke (me!) using a track that is well over 20 years old (the Cult) for a backing track on a video that promotes a CHARITY event raising money for cancer charities......am I missing something, but where am I supposed to be "robbing" them of any revenue ?. Anyway, in case they bother to read this blog (I don't know who they are as only YouTube are privy to that data!), let me just say thanks for confirming a suspicion that i had, that the music industry only gets involved in anything with the word "charity" in it, if it has a chance to make itself some well earned cash (!).Oh, by the way, i have now replaced the soundtrack with something else, and you (the complainers!) are not gonna get a penny from the use if that either...so who wins ?

Ok...rant over :-)

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