Sunday, 28 March 2010

Austrailian Grand Prix.Jenson Button may be disqualified for being too cool!

Well actually this is a complete pack of lies, but what the heck I just wanted to stand out from the mass of other headlines on Google!.

Anyway, now that I have got your attention let me bring you up to speed on the latest developments in our motor sport project, Scirocco 50 LLR!.

On Friday I took a trip over to "Biff", the graphics man's,house to let him take some measurements of the car to work out the size of the graphics that will be applied sometime in the next couple of weeks. We spent about 40 minutes on the pavement outside his house making notes of what size the sheets of vinyl will need to be in order to get the best finish.To be honest I was naive enough about the process to think that all he would do is stick the JPEG images into his computer,print them off on vinyl and there you are sorted!. The truth is that converting Benn's design from simply an image into graphics on a real car is a lot more involved than you would imagine and is going to take at least 2 weekends to finish.

The good news on the Alloy wheel front is that John has promised me that irrespective of Team Dynamics involvement in sponsoring the project, he will ensure that the new set of wheels goes onto Scarlett this week,probably Tuesday AM. I really hope that Team Dynamics does decide that this project deserves their backing, after all its not often that a company making alloys is offered the chance to advertise on a car with 6 wheels!........A bit like a shoe manufacturer finding a model with 4 legs to promote it's footwear range.Hey, that's an idea, maybe next year (if they sponsor us, we could drive around with 3 different types of their alloys on the car at one time, a sort of mobile display stand!....Mmmmmmm, got me thinking now :-)


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