Friday, 5 March 2010

Want to Recycle your phone? Sell it to me then !

Watching the telly this afternoon I was intrigued to see yet another company hoping to tempt you to sell your mobile phone for them...for not much money !

The company, "", suggested that people may want to part with their "old" mobile in return for either cash or vouchers. So, to satisfy my curiosity, I logged on to their site and had a gander.

The conclusion? Well, take a look at these prices offered for a selection of popular phones, then decide for yourself!

Sony W302. 2 megapixal camera,bluetooth,MP3.Bought mine August 2009 for £59.Offer= £5 (or a £5 voucher)

Sony W395 2 megapixal camera,slide phone,MP3,Bluetooth.Cost £60 in 2009...offer= £9 (or £10 voucher)

HTC s620 1.3 Megapixal camera,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,MP3.Cost new 2008 £189.Offer£17 (or £19 voucher)

So, if you want to let companies such as this buy your moby for nowt, drop me a line and i will give you £5 more than their offer for the same thing....simples !

By the way, don't be fooled by the "Green" or "Eco" labels on these sites, they are all FOR PROFIT companies and are after getting your phones to sell for a handsome profit.

Just as a footnote, always check every phone buying site for their offers, because the difference in prices is quite remarkable.For example:

Sony W302 offer 1 £5. Offer 2 £25.26 !
Sony W395 Offer 1 £9.Offer 2 £20.09 !
HTC S620 Offer 1 £17.Offer 2 £8.34 !

You have been warned :-)


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