Monday, 29 March 2010

Over to Heckington tomorrow to see a man about some alloys !

The man in Question is my new best mate (sorry Glen!) John Leeson who has decided to assist the Scirocco 50 LLR project by sorting us out some rather nice spanking new alloys.

It will be great to see the new wheels and replacing the very tired looking Wolfrace Octanes that have been her shoes for the last 2 years, and as it is Scarlett's birthday the following day (she will be 23!) it is rather right that she gets a nice gift after all of her hard work over the last 3 years.

Will get a few pictures when the wheels are on...can't wait :-)

Oh yes, if you want your alloys sorting or replacing have a gander at John's website to see what he can do for you. Click HERE to see his site.


Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances..............well OK, I forgot to pick up the tyres from Pitstop for John to fit!,so the wheels have not yet been fitted, but will be**dy memory like a sieve sometimes!.


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