Friday, 26 March 2010

Firefighter Ally doesn't let deadly disease stop him helping others


FEARLESS firefighter Ally Boyle is a lifesaver on and off duty. His world collapsed after he was diagnosed with a rare disease which doctors predicted would kill him.

Overnight, Ally - who has worked shifts alongside 9/11 heroes at Ground Zero in New York during a 17-year career with Strathclyde Fire Service - faced the prospect of not even living to see his baby daughter grow up.

It might have been easy to give up but Ally launched a campaign to persuade Scots to pass on the precious gift of life by signing up for the bone marrow register.

Ally, 38, said: "You get the cards you're dealt in life.

"When things go wrong, you can either be miserable about it or turn those same cards into a winning hand. That's what I'm trying to do.

"Sometimes, I'll pick up my daughter Jessica and have a wee cry but it's not in my nature to feel sorry for myself. I'd rather help other people."

Now his bravery has been recognised with a nomination as an Our Emergency Services Hero in the Daily Record Our Heroes Awards.

Despite fighting a devastating disease which leaves him in pain 24 hours a day, Ally, who is area commander for East and West Dunbartonshire, organises clinics in fire stations across Scotland where potential donors can sign up for the bone marrow register by giving a tiny sample of saliva.

Thousands of patients all over the world have had the chance of life through a transplant thanks to the register which matches up donors with potential recipients.

And teaming up with the Anthony Nolan Trust, who run the database, is the perfect partnership for dad-of-one Ally.

To see the full article click HERE to visit the Daily Record website.

Well done Ally, your courage and commitment serve as an example for many others around the world.Best of luck with your own fight, and the utmost respect to you for still helping others even though you are fighting your own battle.A true hero :-)


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