Wednesday, 24 March 2010

If only.....

If only there was as much money spent on finding a cure for cancer as there is spent on Televised sport events!.

Flicking through the channels you find footballers earning £70'000 per week, Formula one drivers earning £4-5 Million per year.Golfers playing a round in Morocco for a top prize of 1'361,205 euro's.
In a world were sport and entertainment pay such riches, yet the people that we trust the lives of our loved ones with,doctors,nurses ,care workers etc are so poorly rewarded by comparison, is it a surprise that modern day youngsters aspire to be singers,actors or sports people.
One day maybe far off in the future, the world may realise that if they want to save the seriously ill, feed the hungry and put a roof over the homeless, they need to re assess their love affair with celebrity and start to put more of their adoration on the souls in this world who truly do make a difference to the lives of others, and lets stop paying actors who pretend to be doctors more than real know it makes sense!.

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