Thursday, 14 October 2010

Chilean Miners ordeal was a hoax!......well so it said on the internet!


Only hours after the 33 Chilean Miners were rescued from their "tomb" several hundred feet below a desert in Chile, whispers of hoax's,conspiracy theory's and high level deception have already started.

Some of the comments have been along the lines of "How come they looked so well fed after 69 days underground!" and "How was it that several appeared to have had a haircut and make overs?" and "Why did most appear to be free of any dust deposits after travelling in a narrow "open" (not sealed) rescue capsule along hundreds of metres of bored,dusty, tunnel?".

I suppose, as with the conspiracy theories about the NASA moon landings, some people just can't believe that in the end 33 miners were rescued from what had appeared, at the outset, to be a situation threatening certain death. But for once, the ending was a good one!.

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