Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Today was the day that some of the 33 miners from Chile got to see the sun again....and other newspapers of course!


Yes, today some of the 33 miners trapped in a collapsed mine in Chile for over 68 days got to breath fresh air and feel the sun on their faces. Gos knows how they managed to cope with the confinements of being trapped in such a small space for over 2 months, but I can guess that it cannot have been easy for any of them.

Interesting to note how the advertising people have managed to turn even a risky rescue mission into a publicity vehicle. Sun glasses manufacturers donating designer shades for them to wear after their months in the dim light of the mine,talk of a Hollywood film being made and of course an agent is already cashing in on potential rights to their story.

So far I have not seen any of them emerge from the "Fenix 2" (what happened to Fenix 1?) capsule sporting a Nike T-Shirt, but then again there are still almost 20 more of these guys to bring up, so perhaps the company could still get their name on global TV....."Nike...just Dig it!".

Good luck to all of them anyway, and with any luck they will all be safe above ground within the next 24 hours.

Hey, just thought about the coincidence with todays date!....

13/10/10 = 13+10+10 = 33....33 miners began to be saved on this day :-)



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