Saturday, 9 October 2010

Yeah Ha. Welding job completed and Scarlett's back on the road again !


Today saw the completion of the welding job that Barry Iszatt started yesterday afternoon. I went down to his place this morning and assisted him in the final fixing of the steel plates and the welding up of the cracks in the bulkhead area (To be fair Barry did all the good stuff and I just helped!).

By 11:00 am the welding was finished and I then began to put the car clutch cable assembly back together again, refit the air cleaner and the vacuum reservoir and put the drivers seat back in that I removed yesterday to allow more access into the cabin whilst welding the bulkhead from the inside of the car.

To contact Barry follow this LINK

Can I just say a very big thank you to Barry who not only did a top job on the welding, but then declined to accept payment for his hard work. It is people like Barry, John at Pitstop, John at Wheelcraft and Biff at Pawprints that make my plans a lot easier to achieve, and who's combined help has allowed my to keep the car on the road during the last 3 years.

Thanks guys :-)


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