Friday, 15 October 2010

McDonald's to test new ECO drive through system.


It is rumored that McDonald's are set to pilot a new ECO drive through system at 2 restaurants here in the UK.

The new system, nicknamed "Glide thru", is an ingenious attempt to counter the polluting emissions that are generated as customers queue at the Drive Through area of McDonalds outlets, and it employs a rather novel way of achieving this.

The system works by implementing an electrical "conveyor" that attaches to the underside of the customers vehicle and,after the car is put out of gear,it then pulls their vehicle around a track, along to the order and collection windows and then off into the "undocking" area where the conveyor then disengages and moves along the remaining track until it is positioned to engage the next vehicle, rather like the system used in theme parks to move ride carriages.

Testing is due to begin at Sleaford (Lincolnshire) and Mansfield (Nottinghamshire) restaurants in early December once the conveyor tracks have been installed.


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